Quality policy

Our company offers our customers the necessary product service at the standards accepted all over the world. It adopts a working style in accordance with quality management requirements and all legal regulations by constantly placing quality, environmental and occupational safety awareness in all our employees. In addition, it is among the policies followed by our company to ensure customer satisfaction and to manage all our material and human resources we have in our works for this purpose in the most effective and, above all, to protect the health of the employees and the  environment.

Environmental Policy

While our company offers products to our customers, it instills environmental protection awareness in our employees in order to minimize any environmental damage that may occur during this time. It aims to the necessary precautions for all kinds of wastes that may occur, from production part to the products that reach the customer. While we are constantly improving our products we keep our environmental awareness dynamic; it is a requirement of our environmental policy to strictly comply with all legal regulations regarding environmental regulation, protection of nature and to reveal our environmental works in transparent manner.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Another issue that is among the priorities of our company is complying with the current legal regulations and accepted standards on occupational health and safety issues. It is the policy of occupational health and safety to aim to create safe and healthy working conditions where possible risks and possible damages are minimized.

Business Continuity Policy

Our company ensures that necessary precautions are taken by creating plans and strategies to enable business continuity. Situations that may pose a risk are taken into consideration and preventive steps are planned. Thus, it is ensured that any negativity that may arise in the event of such risks in financial and legal terms is minimized. Our company aims to continue its mission by adhering to the Business Continuity Management System in order to continue to serve in extraordinary situations. In order not to be damaged from anywhere, it organizes and manages the situations that may negatively affect the business continuity in these risks that may occur. Our company constantly checks the plans and strategies it has created in order to prevent the losses that may occur in its system,  resources and the damages to its commercial reputation, and strives for its development and renewal by keeping these plans and strategies in a dynamic structure.

Information Security Policy

Our company aims to take every precaution to protect the personal and confidential information of third parties as well as protecting the information about the company. It aims to ensure the confidentiality of all information owned by the company and third parties, which will not interrupt business continuity. So, it shows necessary sensitivity to protect all acquired information.

Security Policy

Our company takes every precaution to keep the staff and visitors working in production and other facilities safe. It evaluates all the material and moral opportunities required to fulfill the requirements of the legal legislation on this subject.


Our company subjects the personnel to legal compulsory trainings in order to inform the personnel at all times, to keep their knowledge alive and to renew them, on subjects such as human health, quality, protection from natural and artificial disasters, environment, hazardous product information and workplace safety.